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How the 'Fuel of the Gods' was Discovered

Our founder, Joshua Webb, has almost always been a health, fitness and nutrition enthusiast.  He attended and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts school in Minneapolis, MN. That experience added a love of great food and a passion for finding ways to make healthy food taste great and to his healing and personal training interests.



He has owned his own catering business in the past and occasionally spent time as a "Personal Chef and Nutrition Consultant".   Several years ago he was riding his Yamaha R6 motorcycle and while riding fast, as was his habit, he failed to see loose gravel on a sharp corner which seemed to flip his bike and throw him 20 ft. in the air.  He came down landing on his left shoulder and hitting his head on the curb.


He should have been more hard-headed


He acknowledges he may be a little hard-headed but it was not enough to protect him from the powerful thrust of this fall.  Although he is a big bodybuilder, he sustained extremely severe head injuries and was life-flighted via helicopter to a local hospital. He broke 10 bones, fragments down his spinal cord, shattered his left shoulder, dented his head in 1 millimeter from paralyzing him, and cracked his pelvis in 3 places.


After 9 1/2 hours in 2 different surgeries, he spent several days hovering between life and death and thanks to 2 of the best surgeons in the US and divine providence he miraculously survived and slowly began to recover.  It was a very long difficult rehab process and he has continued to suffer severe headaches and neck and shoulder pain and a real challenge in focusing and clearing his thought process.


Frustration and pain led to a deeply serious search and meditation for a solution


Frustrated that he was not recovering from his symptoms in a faster way he began to think about ways that he might speed up his recovery and increase his strength, energy and endurance.  Being a Gourmet Professional Chef, a dietary specialist, along with his history of being a Personal Fitness and Nutrition Trainer and Consultant, he began to consider what he could add to his diet that would help him recover faster.


It wasn't until a couple years later when his brother broke his neck and received a severe head injury,  that Joshua seriously began to search for a better wholefood solution that would heal the body as his brother couldn't tell the difference between the smell of paint chips and tomatoes.  Most all food made him extremely sick.  Concerned more for his brothers failing health and recovery he began his search.


He started pondering about the biblical prophet Daniel and his friends from Old Testament times who were noted for many feats of strength and endurance.  They were reportedly very strict in their diet and refused to eat or indulge in rich, fatty foods despite being pressured both socially and politically to do so.  Also studying and researching some of the greatest ancient warriors diet, feeding them nutrients to push them to their limits without exhaustion while maintain impeccable strength.


He began to study and ponder what type of foods they were eating and what was available to them in their time.  He learned that it was primarily raw, organic, whole foods that they were eating...primarily dried fruits, raw seeds and raw nuts.  Through intense study and months of meditation, he was inspired and formulated a raw, organic nut, seed and dried fruit mixture, that is balanced together in perfect harmony.  Providing a surge of nutrients, protein, fat, carbs and pure raw energy into your body and mind.  He chose foods that were heralded for their healing and health benefits (see them on the Health Benefits website page).


He discovered and created some amazing recipes that worked a miracle for him, improving his recovery process and his life energy.


·         Any preparation or mixture that is extremely great has a secret to it...or at least a key which seems to unlock the secret of it's effectiveness.  It can only be  uncovered by intense searching, research, pondering, and even meditation.  These need to be accompanied by diligent experimentation, trials and testing.  This is the process Joshua went through in developing his incredible formulas.


The whole food mixtures he ended up creating not only really helped him in his recovery process,  it also began to heal at an exponential rate for his brother.  He had such outstanding success he began to share them with family and friends.  The word spread like wildfire and soon he had people all over the country asking him if he would prepare and sell them his 'KombatFuel' and some of his other products.


The only way to keep up with the demand was to create a business that would prepare the products and pack and ship them in volume orders.


Thus "Fuel of the Gods" was born and it is now available to you.


One thing we failed to mention is that not only is "KombatFuel' one of the healthiest foods or snacks you can eat... Its absolutely delicious!



Many people feel that foods that are really healthy for you and especially raw foods don't taste very good.  Fuel of the Gods is the exception.  Not only is the taste fantastic it literally makes you feel good while you eat it.  You can feel the energy begin to rise in your body as begin partaking of its goodness.  But don't just take our word for it.  Try it for yourself.



Fuel of the Gods

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